Cakes cakes cakes!

About 2 years ago I decided to put my craftiness into making homemade fondant cakes. Here are the cakes I've made so far.....

Tylan's first birthday cake. My first ever fondant experience. Definitely more difficult than I thought it would be. I had an idea for this cake and it somewhat came out how I wanted. I wish the colors would have been brighter like the candles, but that's what happens when you buy the cheap food coloring lol. And the dots I put around, I wish I would have made them a whole lot thinner so they didn't stick out so much. For a first cake though I would have to say it's a good one.

21st Birthday cake for my husband! Everything on this cake is edible, minus the poker chips. It's all made from fondant, and I used edible markers to draw on the cards and the Coors can. It's supposed to be a "poker game" theme with a beer spilling on the table. The border decorations are red solo cups with lots of beer pong balls haha.

A flowery cake for my friend Angela. Normally I make my cakes with the funfetti cake mix, but this time I decided to try chocolate. It was extremely difficult to make this into a nice cake. It kept falling apart, it was so crumbly. I went for the quilted pattern look on the bottom tier, but with just a knife and freehanding, it's not an easy job. I wrapped blue ribbon around the bottom of each tier and topped it off with some pretty flowers. Looking back now, I wish I would have just kept it simple with the ribbon and the light blue flowers. Once I started putting all the littler ones on, it was too late. The fondant already had extra little holes in it.

For our friend Ethan. This is a guy with a good sense of humor. He was turning 21, and I figured what better way to celebrate than by letting him "get a piece of that a**" lol. I gave her a thong, some fishnets, and a tattoo of his name. Between the two layers I added a raspberry filling that is sooo yummy! I love raspberry! The thong and skin are made of fondant, while I drew on the rest with black icing. This would have looked a whole lot better if I shaped the bottom tier the same as the top one, but oh well! I also hadn't learned the trick of spraying it with water to get all the extra powdered sugar off the fondant like I did in the next one.

I think the picture says it all, but this is Tylan's 2nd birthday cake. There was a lot of cake to this one since each tier is 2 square cakes stacked on each other, with the raspberry filling in between. I got the candles from Party City, and finally invested in some not-so-much-more-expensive food coloring. I have used those from then on! I was just nervous the colors would still look faded, or pastel. The party theme was Toy Story, so the top tier represented Woody, while the bottom was Buzz. i free handed cutting out my shapes, and the stars proved to be difficult!

Along with the Toy Story cake I made the green alien cupcakes. The eyes I found at Michaels, and the mouths are black icing. The cupcake stand was also from Party City.

Tylan's 3rd birthday cake. CARS. He loves all sorts of cars, especially the Disney movies. The bottom tier is made with funfetti cake, and once again lol, the raspberry filling. I covered it with separate squares of white and black. I didn't make enough white to cover the whole thing, so I had to place it on piece by piece. I was really in a time crunch at this point. The globe was actually made of rice krispy treat. Genius on my part. Cake would have taken forever to shape that way. I covered it with sugar dyed blue while it was still warm and sticky, then green fondant continents on the front. My cousin has a cricut that she used to cut out the "the world of cars" logos. Really made it so much cuter! I bought him a new Lightning Mcqueen car that talks to set on top! He already had 2 non- talking cars because he lost one, then it magically appeared again. Then he really did lose one in between a bench and wall at a restaurant . So this was a replacement. And silly me, last night during bath time, I handed him the wrong McQueen to play with. And oops.... yeah the talking one is now garbage :( In order to stick the candles into the rice krispy treat, I had to poke tooth picks in them.

The cupcakes were PISTON CUPcakes. They were just regular frosted cupcakes topped with red sugar, and toothpick flags I made. It took me quite a few days, but I made the cupcake liners using a template (linked in my 3rd birthday post). After cutting them out, I painted them, used sharpie to write on them, and glued the trophy handles on. I made the handles with a drawn stencil I did from a picture on google of the Piston Cup.

I'm not sure when my next cake will be, but I'm sure to post it!



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