Soccer cupcakes

My son has his end of season party this evening! I decided I would make a few cupcakes and searched Pinterest for ideas of something I could make with what I already have at home. I ended up making some Vanilla cupcakes from this recipe 

I made the frosting with this recipe. It's the best! It's so fluffy and makes it easy to decorate and KEEPS IT'S SHAPE. I have tried other buttercream frostings and they just seem to "fall apart" when I try to use decorating tips. 

All I needed was green and black food coloring. They were really too easy to make. I used the Wilton 21 tip to make the soccer balls, and the "grass" tip for the grass. 

Here is the step by step for the soccer balls. To make the white outside edge I made 2 smaller stars in-between the black stars. It kept the balls a little more round that way.

And here they are all finished!

 I thought these were so fun and so easy to make. I always love getting the chance to practice decorating :) One day I would love to go to school and get my pastry arts degree.


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