Children's art brought to life with crochet!

I found this idea on Pinterest a while back and knew I had to do it! I would look through my son's artwork that he brought home from school and one day I can across this one.... And it was perfect!

This past Sunday we spent a lazy day at home and I put my hook to work. I have a crazy yarn stash and had all the right colors I needed to complete it. In a matter of a half a day, he was complete!

My son was so pleased with the outcome, and is still trying to think of a name for him! I hope to one day have a whole collection of crocheted art inspired by my kid's drawings! 


  1. What a FANTASTIC project! And your translation of the drawing, into a 3D crochet version is absolutely brilliant! :-)

  2. I have only just seen this and I think it is adorable. What a great Mum you are to do this for him. Hang on to both drawing and toy for later years. Even after he has given them up. Go to the top of the class for being the best.


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