A look back at some crafts...

I just started this blog the other day, but I still wanted to share my past projects. Some are made up by me, others are things I have made from patterns. I have definitely made more than I'm about to show, but this is what I have pictures of. My mom started to teach me how to crochet when I was in middle school maybe, or high school. Either way, years ago. All I knew was how to double crochet, so I got pretty bored with it and stopped. When I got pregnant with my son in 2009, I decided I wanted to take another stab at it.

Monkey. This is the blanket I made for Tylan while I was pregnant with him in 2009. This became his favorite blanket, and somehow he started to call it his monkey. Monkey has been close to falling apart many times now, but somehow I always catch it before it unravels. With the fact that I was new to crocheting and didn't know a good way to sew the squares together, and that it's 3 years old and has been drug around everywhere, it's in pretty bad shape. I made a replacement a few months ago, but he wanted nothing to do with it. I got this pattern from a baby bernat yarn label.

If you are wondering where my blog name came from, corn on the monkey, this is it. He picked a favorite corner that he has almost loved to pieces. It is so worn out from him having it all the time, I just hope it lasts as long as he needs it. I used to always ask him if he was looking for his corner while he was throwing his blanket around. Eventually he started calling it his "corn". Hence the name, corn on the monkey.

This cute little Southern Star sweater was a pretty easy knit. I made it for Addison born in June. Not quite sure what the size is because for some weird reason I haven't had her wear it yet. I haven't knit a lot since it takes so much longer than crocheting. But I love the way knit baby clothes look, you can get so much detail!

The Lazy Daisy blanket. So adorable. I made this for Addison while I was pregnant hoping for it to be her "monkey", but she has gotten attached to a different one shown below. I couldn't figure out how to make the embroidered flowers shown in the pattern, but I was going for a butterfly theme anyways. So i crocheted up some white butterflies and put them in each corner. Even plain, this blanket would be super cute!!!

blanket from home, to Afghanistan with love. My husband left in March :( I wanted to send him off with something he could use all the time that would remind him of me. Knitting a blanket takes a long time! Seriously! I spent months working on this off and on, then had to rush to finish it right before he left. It got done though, and he sleeps with it every night :)

Butterfly mobile. Instead of buying a new crib, we just reused our son's pack and play. The mobile had three little white teddy bears dangling from it. Since the colors on the crib are brown and blue, I bought a pink sheet and crocheted these to hang up instead. Made it look girly enough for me.

Corner nursery in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. Our apartment is only a 2 bedroom and my son is in the other. Since I knew this place was only temporary until hubby comes home, I just set Addie up with a little nursery in the corner of our bedroom. Yes, I say "our" even though he has never stepped foot in this place. It just wouldn't feel right saying otherwise. Anyways, I got the letters from Michael's and painted them purple. Then I took one long strip of brown ribbon and hot glued it to the two top sides of the letters. To really add to the adorableness, I hot glued some ribbon bows to the tops, which also hid the nails nicely behind them. The butterflies I found in the wood craft aisle of the store, painted them a cute pink color, and used those sticky poster hangers I found at walmart next to the picture hangers. Also some little flower wall decals brought a nice touch to the floating butterflies.

Coming home hat for our baby girl :) I don't think I saved the pattern anywhere, so I can't give you a link. It was a basic knit newborn hat with a ribbed bottom border. I crocheted the two flowers and added a little "A". I sewed a snap to the back of the flower so it could easily come on and off.

Here is my pregnancy project collection. There could have been more that I made, I just can't think of any right now. The pink blanket is called First Love, this is the one my daughter loves right now (fits the name perfectly). I made some quick and simple crochet hats, and a pair of sandals from a pattern I bought online. This was actually the first pattern I ever bought! I normally just browse the free ones. The purple and brown blanket in the middle is just a basic ripple crochet baby blanket.

Here is one I made myself! I love my little Addison <3 She seems to like cuddling with blankets, and I always think of how cute these little snuggle buddies are. To make the blanket piece, I followed the same pattern as the first love blanket (pattern up one picture). The only exception is that I didn't use the dc, ch1 rows. A solid double crochet pattern made for a better look with this one. I'm having a hard time keeping the ears from curling, but I saw an idea on Pinterest that showed someone using a pipe cleaner around the border and covering it with single crochets as the border.

The Abigail Sweater. I had to start this one over so many times just because I would either miss a stitch or one would fall off the needle. I haven't quite picked up on how to fix errors. That's why crocheting is so much easier to me! One day I'll learn.....

Spiderman! I used a basic ripple blanket pattern. I did the color and webbing design myself. I'm pretty sure that when I open up my own Etsy shop, I'll sell these too. I made it toddler size for my son.

Mario room rug. This one I made the year before last, or maybe last year? for my brother. He has always been into video games. Although he is 16 now, he still appreciated it. I didn't design this myself, I'm really not sure who did. I just saw a picture online and used a granny square pattern to create all the little squares. This came out pretty large! And it just looks awesome!

Little girl's Hello Kitty scarf. One of the Soldiers in my husbands company wanted to send his daughter a scarf, and he asked me to do it. I knit up a scarf switching blocks between stockinette stitch, and a garter stitch. The sides were curling in so I crocheted a single crochet border and that helped. With adding a little bow, Hello Kitty face, and some random girly colors, this turned out to be a pretty fun scarf for her!

"T" for Tylan's bedroom door. I guess I really like Michael's. I could spend all day in there! I bought the monkey, giraffe, and leaf wood pieces which were already colored. The leaves already had a sticky layer on the back. I painted the T green, added all the pieces with hot glue, and voila! Simple and cute child's initial for their bedroom door.


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