It's a Tom and Jerry Halloween!!!

What a great Halloween!!!!! Took the kids trick or treating and got so many comments on their costumes. I'm so glad I made these and didn't go with something store bought. Such a better memory to me to have these. Here are the pictures of my cute babies in their costumes!!!

Sweet Addison fell asleep

My beautiful babies and I.
All that's missing is their daddy <3

I have to say... I am INCREDIBLY excited for this Halloween. I wasn't sure what I was going to have Tylan (3 years old) be for Halloween. But I had seen this idea on Pinterest of this Cabbage Patch Doll wig someone had made for their baby. I would post a link, but it goes straight to google anyways.  It would have been perfect for Addison (4 1/2 months). But then I got this brilliant idea! Tom and Jerry is my son's favorite cartoon. With a toddler and a baby, they would make the perfect sizes for the characters (even though Jerry is obviously way smaller than Tom in the cartoon). Last year I made Tylan a homemade Minion costume, which I will post about it later. I made a yellow sweater with a minion head hat. Anyways.... I really wanted to share this one with people because I am really proud of how they came out!

Here they are! How awesome is that! I am also proud to say that I made these up just by looking at pictures of the cartoon characters online. I, however, did not write anything down pattern-wise. But I know that if I really wanted to sit down and take the time to do it I could write one up.

My designs were either just thought up on my own, or remembered from past projects I have made. Although I am very happy with how they came out, I know that there is room for improvement for sure. But since Halloween is in 6 days, not a lot of time left to experiment. So I went with what I could do for now! To size the outfits perfect for them, I used a pair of each of their footie pj's. Worked out pretty well too... When I was finished with a piece I tested it out on them too just to make sure it was sized correctly.

I really only ever have one pair of shoes for my son. Typically they are black, like these ones. Since Tom has white feet, I thought it would look tacky with black. Because I spent so much time on these outfits, I wanted the whole thing to really come together. So I completely made these up by using the shoe to determine what kind of stitches I would place together. These could really look a whole lot better, I just wanted something quick to cover the shoes. I had seriously considered crocheting up some little white balls for toes, but changed my mind. It will be hard enough to get my Tylan to cooperate with the outfit in general. He's not one for dressing up, and funky things on his feet would be sure to bug him.

I used a basic crochet hat pattern for these, and used their actual heads as measurement. I made the Tom one first and was pretty nervous about how well the ears would stand up. When they wear them, they actually stay up really good! I made a Mickey Mouse hat in the past, and could not get the ears to stay up whatsoever. But these are sewn on with an arch, and has 2 layers of yarn. I'm sure both of those made a difference. For  pulling the face patterns out of nowhere, I think they came together quite nicely.

Here are the backsides of the outfits. I have to say, the little tails are probably my favorite part. I left openings on the backs that reach about halfway down. Tomorrow I'll be sewing on the zippers I bought for them. I tried out the buttons first, and it just looked terrible. My mom said it would have been fine, but I wouldn't have been happy with it. So I'll take the extra hour or so to put on some zippers!

For Addison I just crocheted some square mittens. I figured I am not going to want to try and put her little fingers into any small space, it's hard enough just putting clothes on her sometimes.  Tylan's I just made two circular rectangles (Does that make sense? Lol.) to form the wrist and hand, and left a space open to then add on the thumb piece afterwards. I would have done a full glove for him, but really didn't want to take the time to try and think that up. This will work for the hour or so he wears them anyways.

Finally got the zippers on the backs now. I have a sewing machine, but couldn't sew for my life! So I just used a needle and thread and I'm sure it looks better than it would if i had used the machine. *Sigh of relief* Feels so good to be done!

Once Halloween rolls around I will put pictures up of my little cuties wearing the outfits so you can get the full effect. I can't wait!


  1. How cute! This is what I wanted to do for my youngest two. My 6 year old girl loves T&J and my youngest daughter will be 3 months by Halloween. I've been looking everywhere for them a costume. What a great idea!

  2. I LOVE your costumes!!! And creativity! I was wondering if you had a pattern for the ears for both hats? I'd be more than happy to pay for it! Please let me know ☺ Thanks

    1. I am actually about to make another set of hats next week and I plan to write out a pattern to put up for sale :)

    2. That sounds great!! Do you have an etsy shop?

    3. I do! It's

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  4. I would,love to buy the pattern for this! My 3 year old loves Tom and Jerry. You are so talented!

  5. Love the costumes do you write the pattern for it ? Would love to have it. Thanks

  6. I did, it's listed up in my Etsy shop :)

  7. Hi I am new to crocheting and my son loves tom and jerry also. This is the cutest little outfit! Could you tell me where to start with the one piece? Should I just try to make a sweater and pants for it? I have no clue where to start ahah. I think I will purchase the pattern for the hat though.

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