Mario 5th birthday party

Yesterday I threw my son a Mario themed 5th birthday party! It's actually the second year in a row, but I didn't get the chance to really decorate last year. So I decided to put some work in this time :) I think it turned out great! Just wanted to share some pictures of the decorations with everyone.

So to start off, here are the party favors I made for our littlest guests. Bubbles, super Mario fruit snacks, gold chocolate coins, and homemade rice krispie treat stars with yellow white chocolate. I made the mystery boxes with yellow take out boxes I found at the dollar tree and just printed off a question mark to use as a stencil.

Found this idea on Pinterest to make fire flowers out of veggies. What a cute and healthy party snack!

Here's a shot of the whole party table. I found the yellow fans at walmart for $0.99 for both in the party section. Once again I turned the the internet for a picture of the M to use as a stencil and just taped it on.

To make the cake and cupcakes I just made a simple vanilla recipe, and a vanilla buttercream frosting. I filled the cake with homemade blackberry filling which sadly you can see came smearing out on the side of my cake :( Oh well, the top was all that really mattered!

My pride and joy from the party! This baby took quite a few hours to decorate. Lots of color changing which involved having to clean the only 2 identical tips I had. But I would say it was well worth it!

Luigi cupcakes!

Mario cupcakes!

I found these plain party hats at Walmart for a couple dollars for 8. I made stencils of the pictures and cut them out and glued them on. Perfect! I couldn't find any plain party blowers anywhere, so I bought some Spiderman ones and just took the pictures off.

And finally for my wall decorations! I made my best attempt at making letters that looked like a Mario font. Then made 4 stars to go with it. The mushrooms I actually just used a ruler to make a ton of squares and just colored them in following a pixel pattern I found on Pinterest. These were really too easy!

So there you have my DIY mario birthday party :)


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