anchor themed baby shower by mail!

I recently took on the task of throwing a baby shower for my Sister in law. I had to find the perfect way to do it considering she did't leave anywhere near family. Her husband is in the Navy stationed in Virginia, and the majority of friends and family are in Oregon. So I took to Pinterest and that's where I found this "baby shower by mail" idea. I spent about a week crafting around the flu that I had to get this season. So finally the other day I was able to send out packages to all the "guests" Each package included a message with instructions on how this whole party would work. I asked that each guest send their gift to mama-to-be by a certain date so she would be able to open all gifts at once like an actual baby shower. Then she can get pictures and share with everyone.

First were the invitaions. Mom loves anchors, so that was an obvious theme for this one. I provided everyone with an address to ship the gifts to and my contact information if they had questions. I used Microsoft Power point to create these invitations. It's really not that hard, just layering a bunch of pictures and text together!

I taped these to the invitation envelopes so they wouldn't get lost in the package envelope. This is a really cool idea and I used it for the other baby shower I have thrown. If you are like me, I don't really do anything with cards when I get them. Having the book, the gifter can write a little personal message to mom and baby in the cover and it will get great use over the years.

I sent two things to each guest that I requested they forward on to momma-to-be. This one is pretty self explanatory, just a nice thing for mom to keep and she can show the baby later on.

A message in the bottle is the second keepsake for mom. I asked everyone to write a personal message of words of encouragement or advice. I found the 3" glass bottles at Hobby lobby. I cut computer paper to fit in the bottle and tied it with hemp so the paper wouldn't get stuck in the bottle. I made the tag using microsoft power point.

I was torn on the party favors for a few days while planning. I wanted to send cupcakes or cookies but was really worried they would spoil or turn into a disaster before they made it. Then I saw this wish bracelet idea and knew I wanted to do that. I found a package of anchor charms at Hobby Lobby and went with it. I intended to have the charms on the hemp itself, but the hemp was too thick. So I took some of my turquoise crochet thread and added the charm that way. The poem I made up myself with some inspiration from the internet, but the bottom part was from different ones I found online. I really had no idea the anchor meant anything, but I thought it was a nice touch to the gift and made it more special.

As another gift to mom, I stenciled out some thank you cards to send to her and addressed each envelope to make it as easy as possible for her.


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