Cupcake flower bouquet

For my Grandmother's birthday, we (grandkids) decided to surprise her with something really nice. My sister spent hours and hours making her a beautiful scrapbook that our Grandma absolutely loved. It always brings a tear to our eyes looking back at photos and remembering such special times.

Her favorite flower has always been a sunflower. I knew I wanted to incorporate that into her surprise cake. I was cruising pinterest trying to get ideas, and I kept seeing the cupcake flower bouquets. I decided to try my hand at it!

We had all 5 great grand babies paint their hand print onto the flower pot, so she could keep it as a gift. I also wrote their name and age next each hand as well. I found the Styrofoam half-ball at Hobby Lobby, and placed toothpicks around to hold the cupcakes in place. I frosted each cupcake before placing it onto toothpick, otherwise it would have been very difficult to pipe the flowers.

I loved the way this turned out, but had wished I had just a little more time to try to fill in the gaps some way. But other than that, I feel like it turned out pretty well!

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