Homemade Halloween 2017!

It's been way too long since I have added to my blog, and many things to play catch up on that I have not shared! This post will be a flash back to last year's Halloween. I love nothing more than to make some homemade costumes, and that is exactly what I did!

My son is not the biggest fan of photos, as you can probably tell in this picture lol. Plus he was anxious to get out and go trick or treating! 

My son wanted to be Yoshi, and my daughter wanted to be Wonder Woman. She did not end up wearing her tutu to school because I figured it would be to large and distracting. Aren't they just too cute?!?!

I crocheted the top using an old pattern I have for a dress. It's such a cute design! I found the iron on of the Wonder Woman logo at Hobby Lobby, as well as the stars for the wrist cuffs and tutu!

This outfit was so perfect, and really didn't take much time at all!

Next up is Yoshi! With some yarn, stuffing, and a sweatshirt to use for sizing... I whipped up this crochet costume!

He was so thrilled to show this one off to his friends, and I was pretty proud of the fact that it actually looked like Yoshi!

We had a dress up competition at work, so we decided to do a group theme for us ladies that worked the front counter. After buying some supplies at Walmart and the Dollar Tree, I threw these together in a few hours the night before. The most time consuming part was cutting all the tulle and tying it onto the elastic waist bands!

We actually ended up winning first prize! 

And of course, you need pizza socks to be a ninja turtle! I fell in love with these at first sight, they were the perfect accessory! 

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