Unicorn Birthday Party

Who doesn't love unicorns??? My daughter particularly is obsessed with them! For her 6th birthday we had a unicorn theme. I found most of the supplies at Hobby Lobby and Target. She absolutely loved it!

The unicorn cake turned out with some nice vibrant colors, but I wonder if I should have gone with something lighter. Still loved it though!

I created my own stencils to make the gold outline and the unicorn face. Sharpie for the eyes, and paper flowers were hot glued on that I found at Michaels. I added these on to both sides of the birthday banner I found at Hobby Lobby, and now they make for a good wall decoration at home!

I found this idea while searching Pinterest, and my daughter even helped make the clouds. Super cute and super simple!

My cousin was even kind enough to make her very own birthday party shirt!!!

The party was a blast!!!

This is another cake I made for a 1st birthday. My sister in law just asked for pretty girl colors, and I added some unicorn decoration to a few cupcakes as well.

This picture is to show the deliciousness that is the center of the cake. Yumm!

A little smash cake for the birthday girl!

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